Worlds in Las Vegas 1/16/2020

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John Kostyo Wins in Cleveland - 8/19/2019

Mark Giddings Wins in New Jersey - 8/18/2019

Ed Killmer Wins in Orlando - 8/11/2019

Team of Bill Fenlon/Dave Johnson Win July PureStrat - 8/2/2019

Russ Lemmon Wins July NetPlay - 8/1/2019


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Strat Tournament Players Club is an organization which serves Strat-O-Matic Baseball enthusiasts.� STPC is devoted to the promotion of Strat-O-Matic Baseball tournaments, and in particular to the conduct of a yearly National Championship tournament. STPC is not officially endorsed by the SOM Game Co. Inc., but does have an unofficial relationship with SOM.



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Notice to DSIM Users

When using DSIM during a tournament draft, you can save the STPC statistician several hours of data entry if you do the following at the end of the draft:

1.      If you were not using the correct player names, enter the names for the players using the n1, n2, etc command.

2.      Type ed at the command prompt.

3.      Enter a file name on your hard drive where DSIM will write the export file.  Use a name such as c:\phillya.dat

4.      E-mail this file as an attachment to