Tournament Director’s Checklist


1)      Before the draft, the draft group leader should ask for a volunteer who will send the DRAID dat file to Matt Crowley.  If someone is using DRAID during the draft, the dat file will be created by DRAID when they exit DRAID.  If no one is using DRAID for the draft, ask if anyone would be willing to enter the draft into DRAID afterwards and send it to Matt.

2)      Before the draft, if there are any playing partners (that is, two people teaming up to draft a single team) the draft group leader should find out which one of the playing partners is going to get the points and stats.  Be sure and include that information when you report the results (item 8b, below).

3)      Before the draft, if there are any new players, the draft group captain should get the correct spelling of their first and last name and their home town.  Include this information when you report the results (item 8a, below).

4)      Before the draft for Pittsburgh tournaments, for each person, the draft group captain should find out which region (EAST or Jasper) they want their points to go to (item 7b below).

5)      After the draft, the volunteer identified in step 1 should send the DRAID dat file to Matt Crowley  (  ).  If there are no DRAID users in the draft (which should be rare) send whatever you’ve got.  Some kind of electronic format is best (like Excel) but, lacking that, even a picture of someone’s (hopefully legible) draft sheet is better than nothing.  

6)      Let Lance Shull ( who won so he can update the website. 

7)      After the tournament, send a tournament report (here’s an example ) to Chris Wiseman ( ) The report should include the tournament city (or PureStrat or NetPlay) and the Month that the tournament was held in.  In addition, for each entrant, provide:

a.      The first AND last name of each participant.  Avoid nick names and abbreviations.

b.      Their region (usually the same for everyone but Pittsburgh could be EAST or Jasper).

c.      For all FTF Region events, identify whether they played FTF or online.

d.      Their regular season Wins and Losses (make sure that the total wins is equal to the total losses).

8)      At the bottom of the tournament report:

a.      Identify any players who are playing in their first tournament and give their hometown.

b.      For 2-person teams, identify which person gets the stats and points.

c.      Identify any play-off team that received a bye.

d.      For each play-off match-up, identify the participants and the result (as in Alan Smith over Bob Jones 3-2).

9)      Send in the STPC fees and Region fees

a.      STPC fees are $5/entrant (teams count as one entrant).  PayPal STPC Treasurer Toby Strite at .

b.      If your region has a region fee, send that fee to the appropriate person.  Contact your Region Director for details.

10)  If a tournament is canceled or rescheduled, please let Chris and Lance know so they know not (or when) to expect tournament information.