Players receive one point for each win in a regular season and one point for each game over .500 in a regular season, plus two points for each playoff game won. The winner of the tournament receives a bonus (Tournament Winner Bonus) of one point for each entrant in the tournament. The runner-up receives 1/3 point (Runner-up Bonus) for each participant in the tournament.  If a tournament has more than 28 regular season scheduled games, the wins and losses are normalized to a 28-game regular season.  If the tournament winner has more than 7 play-off wins (including bye wins), the play-off wins for all play-off teams are normalized by multiplying by 7/x where x is the number of play-off wins the tournament winner will have (including bye wins).  Games played to break ties (to see who advances to the play-offs) are not considered.  When two players team up, points (and all tournament stats) go to one of the team mates and the team must declare (before the tournament) who will get the points and the stats for that tournament.  If no declaration is made, the points and stats will go to the team mate with the most region points for that year or, if they are tied, the points and stats will go to the one with the most lifetime tournament games.  Your National Points are equal to the points from your best three regular season tournaments plus your best Regional provided that at least two of your regular season tournaments (that count for National Points) are FTF events.  All three may be FTF but no more than one may be PureStrat or NetPlay. The Tournament Winner Bonus and the Runner-up Bonus for the non-FTF (PureStrat or NetPlay) Regionals are based upon the lesser of the non-FTF Regional and the most-well-attended FTF Regional.  Worlds’ points do not count toward National Points Title.


National Points                                          National Win Percentage


E.A.S.T.  Region Points                                        E.A.S.T.  Region Win Percentage


Jasper Region Points                                 Jasper Region Win Percentage


West Region Points                                   West Region Win Percentage


South Region Points                                  South Region Win Percentage


PureStrat Region Points                           PureStrat Region Win Percentage


NetPlay Region Points                              NetPlay Region Win Percentage