Dear Strat Player,


Welcome to our new club, a club in which the goal is to play Strat-o-Matic baseball and to have fun doing it.


We offer three types of play:

·         Live weekend tournaments that begin Friday night or Saturday morning and end Sunday night.

·         Online Netplay tournaments that are played using the Strat-o-Matic computer game (NetPlay Option).

·         Online PureStrat tournaments played live via Skype and using the Strat-o-Matic online dice roller and the SOM cards.


There is really something for everyone here—the intense action of a weekend of head-to-head play, and the building drama of a tournament that starts with an online draft and over the course of a month allows you to play four-game series against every division opponent. All tournaments ultimately conclude with playoffs that lead to a World Series, and of course there are always cash prizes to be won.


This organization is one that will strive to listen to and represent the interests of our membership. We have six different regions—the West, Jasper (Midwest), the South, E.A.S.T., Netplay, and PureStrat—that all have representatives who want to make this game better for all who play.


Are we so different from what’s come before? Not so much. We’re just an organization that wants to let its players play in the most friendly and competitive environment possible.


So come join us. It won’t cost you anything more than time, energy, and the very best you have as a GM and game manager.


You can find our face-to-face and Netplay tournament schedule on this website, and you can also find a link here to the PureStrat website where you can start playing live Skype tournaments monthly against the very best Strat-o-Matic competition you will find anywhere on the planet.


So welcome aboard. Now let’s get playing some Strat.



Your STPC Representatives