Worlds Division Selection Process

1)     Roll the 20-sider 4 times to determine when they will select their division and position within the division.Online-onlyís and EITHERís roll on Sunday (1/7/2024) using the STPC Dice Roller.FTF-onlyís roll the 20 in Las Vegas during Check-in which starts at Noon on Thursday (1/11/2024) in Salon J of the California Room of the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV.A Tournament Director (TD) will roll for anyone who isnít able to roll when theyíre supposed to roll.

2)     The division(s) for the DRAID-drafted teams (if any) will be randomly determined.There will be no more than 1 DRAID Team per division.For those divisions that have a DRAID drafting, the position for DRAID will be whatever is left over after all of the actual players within that division have selected a draft order position.

3)     The person with the highest roll will select their division and draft position.Then, the second highest roll and so on until everyone has selected.

4)     Anyone who is not reachable when itís their turn to pick will have three options:

a.     They will be assigned the highest draft position available when itís their turn to select.If more than one division has the same Ďhighest positioní, the tie will be broken by a roll of the 20-sider.This is the default option if the missing person had not made prior arrangements with a TD.If an EITHER is unreachable, they will be placed in an online draft (if possible).

b.     The person will give a TD their cell phone number and will call them when itís their turn.If they do not answer, their selection will default to option a.

c.      The person will inform a TD of a proxy person who will attend the division selection and act on the missing personís behalf.If they or their proxy are not available when itís their turn to pick, their selection will default to option a.