Strat Tournament Players Club (STPC) Rule and Policy Changes for 2020


Changes to the In-Game Rules (STPC Consolidated Rules)


T0.04 and T0.05 -  The PureStrat formula for conceding games is adopted for all FTF Regions.  This means the 10-Run Rule (Mercy Rule, T0.04) is no longer needed.  So, you may concede if you’re behind by N or more runs where N = 13 – (the number of completed innings).  You may not intentionally walk hitters to achieve the concession threshold.


T25.2 - We will now use the SOM outfield adjustment chart when forced to play an outfielder out of position (due to injury).  Here’s how the last part (of the first paragraph) of T25.2 now reads:  If playing an outfielder at a position that is not on his card but at an another outfield position, he would not have max-bad defense but instead would have the same arm and error rating with his range rating adjusted as follows:  CF playing LF or RF - no adjustment, RF playing LF – no adjustment, RF playing CF – add 1 to range, LF playing CF – add 2 to range and LF playing RF – add 1 to range.  If there are two possible adjustments, take the one that yields the best range.


T10.11 -  If a SP is pinch-hit for before the 6th inning and a non-pitcher gets hurt in the same inning, the new pitcher can enter the game into the same line-up position as the injured player.  Whoever PH for the pitcher (or the subsequent pinch-runner) may either stay in the game or be replaced by someone that allows all defensive positions to be covered.  We will no longer require that the pinch-hitter/runner be able to cover the position of the injured player to make this double-switch.


We are not going to adopt any of the new MLB rule changes for the upcoming season.  However, we are going to consider (for the 2021 Season) adopting the MLB Rule that requires a relief pitcher to face three batters or finish the inning.


All of our In-Game rules are posted to our website:  (Scroll down and look in the left margin, click on STPC Rules and Documents.)



Policy Changes


The Move-1 Rule will be reinstated starting with the 2020 Season for the FTF Regions.  You may move the points for a tournament (except the Regional) from another FTF Region into your region by notifying your Region Director before the earlier of these two dates: Your Regional date and the sending region’s Regional Tournament date.


DRAID - STPC will adopt a new 64-bit computer program called DRAID as its official tournament draft aid.  DRAID will be used whenever a dummy team is needed to balance out divisions.  DRAID DAT files will be used for posting drafts and for calculating APS.  DRAID will be made available to any STPC Member who wants it.  We owe immeasurable gratitude to Stan Suderman for all he has done for STPC including developing the first website and for providing his own personal drafting tool (DSIM) to members who wanted it.  STPC would not exist today were it not for Stan so be sure and thank him the next chance you get.