Strat Tournament Players Club (STPC) Rule Changes for 2019



T10.11 has been modified.With the part that has been changed highlighted, it now reads:Hitter Eligibility and Usage.  Position players must have 300 AB+W (at bats + walks). If the player has a catcher rating on his card he needs to have only 250 AB+W. Players with no position on their card are 1b-5e30. Unless forced by an injury, players may only play at positions that are on their card (See Section 31 for exceptions).  Teams must have a back-up at each position (See T31.10 for details including the exception for players with no injury on their card). Position players that started the game may not be replaced until the sixth inning unless injured or the opposing manager changes his pitcher. (In this later case, changes may not be made until the new pitcher takes the mound). A relief pitcher entering the game before the sixth inning must bat in the same position in the lineup as the pitcher heís replacing except that a relief pitcher may enter the game in the spot of an injured player if the batter (or subsequent pinch runner) who pinch hit for the pitcher can cover the position of the injured player.  Pitchers may pinch run for position players.  Pitchers may not pinch hit for position players.  Exception: If a position player pinch hits for a pitcher and the opposition manager changes pitchers, a pitcher may pinch hit for the pinch hitter.  If you hit for your pitcher in the bottom of the 5th inning, the pinch hitter may stay in the game.  Unless forced by an injury (See T25.2), a manager may not remove a player from the game if doing so makes it impossible to cover all defensive positions.  Exception: You may pinch hit or pinch run for your last eligible pitcher.


T31.10 has been modified.With the part thatís changed highlighted, it now reads:For a team to be legal, it must be possible to field a team where each player is playing a position that is on his card and, prior to any substitutions, it must be possible for any one of the starters (that can be injured) to be injured and be replaced in the line-up while legally covering all defensive positions (after possibly moving players around to positions that are on their card). An extreme case of a legal team would be 4 starting pitchers, 12 relievers and 9 position players where each position could be legally covered and one player had each non-pitching position on their card.  EXAMPLE: If you had two players who only had 2b and ss on their cards AND you had no other players who could play 2b or ss, this would not be a legal team because you would not be able to cover all positions should one of these two get hurt.


The Mercy Rule (T0.04) has been modified.It now reads: The trailing team has the option of ending the game if they trail by 10 runs or more when a Mercy Rule condition first exists.A Mercy Rule condition exists whenever the home team is ahead by 10 or more runs after 4 Ĺ innings or any time after that.And, a Mercy Rule condition exists whenever the visiting team is ahead by 10 or more runs after 5 innings or at the completion of any inning after that.When a Mercy Rule condition first exists, the trailing team may continue the game but then loses the option of invoking the Mercy Rule for the remainder of that game.However, the trailing team may choose to invoke the Concession Rule (T0.05) (if applicable).Intentionally walking batters to increase the run deficit is prohibited.