Regional Directors (RDs) serve the STPC Members of their region.  If those members desire a new leader, the following steps must be taken:


1)      Two or more members from the region in question must notify a Council Member (other than the Regional Director they want removed) of their desire to remove their Regionís Director.

2)      The STPC Council will designate a Council Member (DCM) who will administer this process.

3)      Those within the Region that desire new leadership (plaintiffs) must name an individual within their group who will be their focal (Plaintiff Focal).

4)      The DCM will notify the RD who will then have four weeks to work things out with the Plaintiffs.

5)      After that four weeks, the DCM will check back with the Plaintiff Focal (PF) to see if they still want to proceed with removal.

6)      If the plaintiffs still desire removal, the DCM will notify the RD to see if he would like to resign.If he does not, the DCM will conduct a poll of regulars (*) from the region.The following question will be posed (via e-mail): Do you desire a new leader for your Region?  The e-mail will include a statement from the PF and a statement from the RD.The note will state that the regulars have one week to respond.The note will also state that only the results (removal or not) will be shared; their vote will remain confidential.

7)      Half or more of the eligible voters must vote for the election to count.Two removal thresholds will be calculated (T1 and T2).T1 is equal to half of the eligible voters plus 1.†† T2 is equal to 2/3 of those that voted.If the number voting for removal reaches T1 or T2, the RD is removed.

a.       Example A) 21 eligible voters, 15 voted.†† T1 = 21/2 + 1 = 11.5 = 12 (round up).T2 = 2/3 * 15 = 10.The RD is removed with 10 or more votes for removal.

b.       Example B) 22 eligible voters, 19 voted.†† T1 = 22/2 + 1 = 12.T2 = 2/3 * 19 = 12.7 = 13.The RD is removed with 12 or more votes for removal.

c.       Example C) 21 eligible voters, 10 voted.Election doesnít count (less than half voted).

8)      If the RD is removed or resigns, the STPC Council will name a replacement.

9)      At any point in the above process, the RD will have the option of resigning.


(*)  Regulars are defined as having played in 3 or more tournaments within the region during the past two years as suggested by the following example:†† If the current month is March of 2019, any in-region tournaments played in within April of 2017 or any month after that are counted toward the 3-tournament threshold.