FTF Tournaments Suspended

Due to the Coronavirus Emergency, the STPC Council has unanimously decided that all FTF tournaments will be suspended at least until May June 4th.  The Council will constantly monitor the situation to decide whether or not additional action is necessary and we’ll keep you informed.  Some FTF Regions are considering whether or not to hold weekend events via Skype and you will hear from those Regional and Tournament Directors if they have any plans along those lines.  Our FTF events involve groups that are in a confined space over an extended period of time and the virus transmission risk is unacceptable.  PureStrat and NetPlay tournaments will proceed as planned.


Gene Abood (E.A.S.T. Region)

Mike Breithaupt (West Region)

Rolando Cruz (Jasper Region)

Willy Dominguez (South Region)

Jim Galloway (NetPlay Region)

Mick VanValkenburg (PureStrat Region)