Harry defeats Jeff Cohen 4 games to 2.



Game 1 Harry vs Jeff in Pittsburgh, Scherzer for Jeff vs Cole for Harry, both pitchers dominant and scoreless thru 6, bottom of the 7th Ortega connects on a Diamond to4 for Jeff and a 1-0 lead.  Stays that way until the top of the 9th, when with Clase in for Jeff, Posey 1B, and Freeman follows with a 2-4 STRAIGHT SHOT AND A 2-1 LEAD.  L. Hendricks comes in the bottom 9th and allows a leadoff 1B to DJ, K’s Correa and PH T. France….then Aranado PH’s for Jeff and rolls a Diamond shot chance to 4…..and rolls a 12….Harry escapes and leads 1-0.

Game 2 A. Nola vs Webb…scoreless until the top of the 4th when with 2 on Machado connects for a 3 run HR to make it 3-0 Harry.  Top 5 big inning for Harry again as we bat around and score 5 runs….tack on 2 more in the 6th and Jeff calls time of death 10-0.  2-0 Harry

Game 3 in KC Kershaw for Jeff vs Mahle for Harry.  Top 3 Judge hits a diamond to 3 to give Jeff a 1-0 lead.  Bottom of the 3rd Posey connects on a 2 run HR for a 2-1 lead for Harry.  Bottom 6, Machado again drives it into the seats for a 3-1 lead.  Top 9 Ortega (HUGE pain all tourney against me) connects and makes it 3-2, Hendricks gets an out, then walks France, Marte flies out, walks DJ to bring up Judge in the clutch with 2 on….and grounds out to SS to end the game…3-0 series lead for Harry…and not for long.

Game 4 Marquez vs McKenzie Nimmo in the top of the 4th hits a huge 2B to 8 out the rest with 2 outs, then Alvarez drives Nimmo in and Jeff is off to a 3-0 lead. Daza triples in Olson in the top of the 8th for a 4-0 final score win for Jeff.  Marquez tosses 7 2 hit innings.  3-1 Series lead now.

Game 5 we really want to close this out, it’s a rematch of game 1 Scherzer vs Cole…this time Correa connects for a 3-run bomb in the 2nd inning to give Jeff an early lead.  Stays that way to the bottom of the 5th when Harry scratches back with 2 runs on a H. Castro PH 1B with 2 outs.  Bottom 7 weak hitting M. Straw connects on the 2-4 for a game tying HR.  Feeling pretty good with my bullpen until top 9 when with Hendricks in, 2 outs none on…Correa again connects, this time with the magic 4-9 roll off Hendricks card.  Jeff Steals game 5 and makes it aa tight series at 3-2 now.

Game 6 back in Jeffs’s park..Nola vs Webb part II…scoreless until top 5 when Freeman leads off with aa HR, ten the floodgates open….1B-1B-2B-1B and when it’s over it’s 4-0 Harry.  Posey hits a SAC Fly in the 6th to make it 5-0…and Nola (6 IP, 9k’s) and T. Wells (3 innings) finish it off for Harry, 4 games to 2.

Congrats to Jeff for making the WS, it was a great time in CT with Brian and his friends playing Axis and Allies on the big game board behind us😊


MVP for the WS was Manny Machado, .410  1 2B, 2 HR's, 6 rbi's