Breaking Down the 2019 Card Set for the 2020 Season

To qualify for STPC tournaments, a hitter must have more than or equal to 300 ABpW (At-bats plus walks). If a hitter has catcher on their card, the ABpW threshold is 250. For pitchers to be eligible to start, they must have starter on their card and more than or equal to 125 Innings Pitched (IP). To relieve, a pitcher must have more than or equal to 40 IP and have relief on their card. The 2019 Card Set has 643 qualifying players. 276 of those are hitters and 367 of those are pitchers. If a person has more than one card, the card with the most ABpWs is considered for hitters and most IPs for pitchers.

The cards come in two packages. The first package contains 3 sheets for each team (Regular Set) plus 3 sheets of players from various teams (I call this the X3 Set). The second package includes various extra players plus the Interleague Cards (I call this the Interleague Set).

There are many ways to break down the card set. Here is one method:

1)      From the Interleague set, separate the pitchers from the hitters. Then separate the qualifiers from the non-qualifiers. I label and band up the non-qualifiers and retain them (in case I need to search through them later for a qualifier that I missed).

2)      Arrange the qualifying interleague cards alphabetically by player name. For the 2019 set, there are five interleague cards that are duplicates (same name). Keep the one with the most IP and discard the following:

a.      Nick Anderson (MMN, 44 IP)

b.      Zack Godley (ARN, 76 IP)

c.       Daniel Hudson (TOA, 48 IP)

d.      Adam Kolarek (TBA, 43 IP)

e.      Drew Smyly (TEA, 51 IP)

3)      There are many qualifying cards in the X3 Set but most have IL cards with more ABpW or IP. The only qualifiers that you want from the X3 set are:

a.      Eric Sogard (TBA, 396 AB)

b.      Joe Biagini (HOA, 65 IP)

c.       Cory Gearrin (NYA, 55 IP)

d.      Aaron Sanchez (HOA, 131 IP)

4)      Team by team, break down the regular set three sheets at a time. Separate the hitters from pitchers. Then separate the qualifiers from the non-qualifiers. When done, you should have 30 banded teams of qualifiers and a stack of banded non-qualifiers (retain in case you need to search for a qualifier that you missed). Some qualifiers from the regular set have IL or X3 cards with more ABpWs or IP. Discard the following qualifiers from the regular set:

a.      Anthony Swarzak (ATN, 40 IP)

b.      Chris Stratton (PIN, 47 IP)

c.       Javy Guerra (WAN, 54 IP)

d.      Wilmer Font (TOA, 53 IP)

e.      Kevin Pillar (SFN, 595 AB)

f.        Martin Maldonado (HOA, 322 AB)

g.      Travis dArnaud (TBA, 327 AB)

5)      Integrate the IL and X3 keepers into their respective teams. Youre done! You should have 30 banded teams of qualifiers.