NetPlay Region: Easy to play with new Patch!

To sign up for a tourney, e-mail or call Regional Director, Jim Galloway

PayPal (or mail) your entry fee to Treasurer, Randy Davidson

Jim Galloway 919-624-0857

Randy Davidson 714-293-5796

Tournament Dates

April —

May -

June —

July/August —

September -- Registration deadline Sunday, September 2

October -- Registration deadline Saturday, September 29

November/Regional -- Registration deadline Saturday, October 27


The Draft: The draft will occur early in the week after the registration deadline each month using   Live drafts will take place early in the week starting at 8pm ET and will feature 1 minute time allowance per pick, which should allow them to be completed by 11:30pm EST. If we have enough interest and tournament directors who have the availability, we will also have a multi-day draft division. In that case, we will draft 8-9 rounds per day, Monday –Wednesday.  Draft time allowances for each pick will typically be 20 minutes, at the discretion of the TD.  Everyone should check in often and pick ahead of schedule if your pick comes up early. Automatic Emails will be sent to all, after every pick.

Game Play: All teams should be able to play at least 1 series every 2 days on average. If you will be away for a few days, no problem: you would just need to get your games in before you go or be able to make them up when you return.

Entry Fee: The entry fees for all NetPlay Tournaments will be the same as for face to face STPC tournaments (player’s choice of $25, $50, or $100).  Entry fees must be paid prior to the draft.  PayPal to Treasurer Randy Davidson ( ) is the preferred method of payment; however, you may mail him a check.  Call or email Randy for payment arrangements.

Prize Pool: The prize pools will be made up of the sum of all entry fees less tournament expenses.  We’ll take out $5/player for the Region Fund (and this year, all those $ will be returned to the players based upon where they finish in Region) plus the STPC Sanction Fee (also $5/player). A player’s entry fee minus his $10 share of expenses is his “equity.” All players will have $15 equity in the $25 pool. Those playing for $50 or more also will have $25 equity in the $50 pool. Those playing for $100 also will have $50 equity in the $100 pool (e.g. the Poker side-pot method).

Rules: The format and the rules that are specific to the NetPlay Region can be found at

These rules assume 10 teams per division.  The format will vary somewhat if there are more or less than 10 per division, but most of the rules will be unaffected.

Questions, Comments or Suggestions: Call Jim at 919-624-0857 or email him at NetPlay Region standings, draft results and nationwide player stats will be at .